Sports, Safety & Aesthetic Rubber Flooring

About Us

M.V. Rubbers is a manufacturer, trader and installer of Sports, Safety & Aesthetic flooring systems. Our product portfolio mainly includes:

1.   Seamless rubber wet pour in place systems for safety, sports & aesthetic flooring applications. Available in fast colored synthetic EPDM rubber and SBR  
2.   Polyurethane high strength and resilient flooring for sports and safety flooring applications
3.   Acrylic flooring system for multipurpose applications
4.   Rubber tiles for safety, sports and aesthetic flooring applications. Available in fast colored synthetic EPDM rubber and SBR
5.   Rubber mulch for safety and landscapping applications
6.   Rubber rolls for gym flooring and multipurpose applications available in SBR and SBR plus EPDM mix
7.   Electrical insulation mats for safety applications. Available in different specifications and standard tests results are provided for the products      

Our products are ideal for all types of flooring requirements where safety and aesthetics are of prime importance. They are durable, long lasting, require low maintenance, soft, fire and burn resistant and can act as sound barriers. Most of our flooring solutions comes with immense colors choices. All our products are made from non-hazardous and non-toxic material which are safe for use in all types of environments and for all age groups of people.

Our Focus

Our focus is "INNOVATION" and our endeavor is to bring smartly engineered solutions for the society, environment and the economy.

The Flooring Systems & Products We Offer

EPDM Flooring System

SBR Flooring System

Polyurethane Flooring System

SBR Flooring System

Acrylic Flooring System

Gym Rubber Flooring

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Tiles

Artificial Grass

Rubber Mats